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These are our presenters and we love their work.
Roger Peake

Roger Peake

Just 60’s & Pot Pourri
Roger Peake joined EMFM in 2017. Roger has two shows - Just Sixties from 9am to 12 noon Wednesdays and Potpourri from 10am to 1pm Thursdays.
After years of being told he had a great voice (and an even greater face) for radio, he volunteered and trained at Vision Australia Radio in Melbourne and he still occasionally volunteers at Vision Australia Radio in Bendigo. He spent 12 months at 3WBC/94.1FM in Box Hill before moving to Echuca in March 2017.
His Potpourri program includes a comedy spot called A Bit of a Giggle, Hello & Goodbye (notable births & deaths falling on the date of the program), a relaxing ballad for our morning cuppa at 11am and A Nice Night Out with music or a song from shows or movies.

Ron Wood

Morning Roundup, Gospel Road, Community Billboard
& Classics For Pleasure
Ron Wood has been associated with EMFM for 18 years. He was previously a Presenter at 3CCC when it was operating from the old railway station at Harcourt. He features religious music on his Gospel Road program from 7pm to 10pm on Monday night. On Friday morning, he has Out & About from 10.am to 11am, where he uses his vast number of contacts, and interviews members of the Community, including Councillors from both sides of the river, members of the Police Force, Library representatives, sports people and many, many more. On Sunday night from 7pm to 10pm, he presents a program entitled ‘Classics for Pleasure’, where he explores the vast range of Classical Music. He has been a Board Member, President, Vice-President and EMFM member of the Echuca East Recreational Reserve Management Committee for 13 years
Ron Wood

Jim Harris

Jimbo’s Breaky Show
Jim, a retired local farmer, is enjoying being part of the EMFM team. He plays the greatest hits from yesteryear, mainly from the 50’s–90’s, along with listener requests. 

He has a bowls report on Thursday and interviews local identities. His show features interesting news articles about the local community from the Riv Herald (kindly donated by the Riv).  Jim has been a presenter since 2012 and a board member since 2013.

Val Ellis

Val’s Gardening Show & Family History
Val has been at EMFM for many years. She presents Val’s Gardening Show from 9.00am - 10.00am on Thursdays.
She had her own gardening business for many years in Echuca and has an extensive knowledge of plants that are suitable to our area and how to care for them. She began her gardening show with the aim of sharing her knowledge and answering the many questions that people have about gardening.

Each Thursday morning she suggests things the listeners can do in their garden including suitable mulching materials, when to prune, fruit fly prevention, green waste collection etc.

Sometimes she follows her gardening program with a guest speaker from the Family History Society from 10.00am-11.00am.
Val Ellis

Chris Moor

 Moor Better Music Tuesdays 1pm-3pm
As a native of Nathalia my musical influences commenced with the AM station 3SR and browsing what was on offer at the Lyric Music store in Shepparton, consequently, I enjoy a good pop tune and have a collection of CDs and vinyl from over the years. In addition there was, of course the ABC which alerted me to many other styles of music, not to mention keeping up with current affairs and general interest programs. So my music collection has a bit of everything. My selections for my Moor Better Music program on Tuesday at 1-3 pm reflects this broad range as much as possible while keeping it "listenable" for a week day afternoon. I have been a member of EMFM for only a year and this is my first venture into radio.

Ellie Wallace

An Afternoon With Ellie & Jazz Giants
In 1999 my husband & I made a “tree change” from Melbourne to Moama. Upon tuning into the local community radio station, winning a CD, and collecting it, I showed interest in becoming a presenter. After a few training sessions, in early 2000, I began my program “An Afternoon With Ellie” on a Friday. When the couple who presented “Swing, Jazz & Jive” on a Thursday night left the area, I took over their program. After a few years, due to other commitments, I resigned from the station. Fast forward to 2018, I decided to rejoin. A few training sessions later (because everything is more computerised) I began “An Afternoon With Ellie” on Monday and “Jazz Giants” on Thursday. But I still use CD’s as I feel more comfortable with these!
Eli Wallace
Dot Hammond EMFM

Dot Hammond

Dot's Treasures, Mondayitis
Dot Hammond joined EMFM in 2019 to assist in the office, and later was encouraged to assist the station by joining the board at the last AGM and then to try presenting a program. Until recently she was heavily involved in the running of the Echuca Historical Society Museum but since stepping away from office has now signed on as a presenter/announcer  with EMFM doing two shows a week. From 10am to 12pm on Mondays she presents “Mondayitis” and between 3pm and 5pm on Tuesdays “Dot’s Treasures” and 3pm to 4pm Wednesdays "New Music" . Dot says “There’s no set format, the music and the commentary is all mixed up – just like me.”


Bird's Nest with Laurelin
The show's title, "Bird's Nest with Laurelin", is a play on my family name, and a tribute to my late father, who you'll hear me refer to as 'my dad, the muso'. Dad had a vinyl and CD collection that would be the envy of any music lover. He loved music of all genres and brought us up to have a healthy appreciation for a broad range of music. Whilst the name of the show is dedicated to my dad, the form of the show is simply music that I enjoy, coupled with my own personal stories relating to the songs, and/or interesting facts about the song and artist. It won't be uncommon to journey around multiple decades in one show, and multiple genres, keeping things interesting for the listeners, I’m sure! I welcome feedback, and would love to hear of any improvements I can make, so I can continue delivering a program I'm proud of, that can be an enjoyable hour for our community and beyond. I am thoroughly enjoying my time planning shows, recording shows, and hearing them come to life on air. You can follow 'Bird's Nest with Laurelin' on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BirdsNestWithLaurelin Thanks for listening!

Roger Kirchhofer

Kirky’s Hits & Memories
I was born in Echuca and have lived in the area all my life. I worked for Telecom Australia, which later became known as Telstra, for 30 year I was employed as a field technician.
Since retirement, my wife Ann and I have kept busy by having fun with our 5 Grandchildren who also live in Echuca.
I’m still playing tennis, and dibble in the odd game of bowls and golf.  Walking and riding my E-Bike also keep me occupied.
I'm enjoying playing Golden Oldies from the 60’s-80’s by presenting my Kirky’s Hits & Memories Mondays from 7am until 10am.

Val Horne

Mix It Up
I’ve always loved listening to music and talkback radio (you can learn so much) and after retiring from full time employment in late 2021,  became a volunteer and part of the EMFM Community Radio family in early 2022.   Mentored and encouraged by Dot and John,  Mix It Up was born.  I love being a presenter and play mainly upbeat music from the 70’s or 80’s,  but occasionally mix it up with music from other genres. Tune in Tuesdays from 10am until 12 noon
Simply put -  I love how music and lyrics can transport you to another place and take you on that songs journey.
Val Horne

Andrew Cameron

The Road Less Travelled
In my early days were crystal radio’s clipped to a metal bed frame listening to Peter Evans ABC in the mornings and the Cricket from England at night or music to midnight. I was left a HMV stereo and a record collection by my grandfather that really got me going on the music trail.

In 2019 I retired and my wife and I moved to Echuca, eventually building in Moama where I reside today. The music,  my automotive interests, and my travel bug have all come to the fore and my passion for music is stronger than ever. My program 'The Road Less Travelled’ is a compendium of my eclectic tastes in music I hope you enjoy.

Listen in 5pm-6pm Tuesdays.
Requests for something not mainstream can be sent to admin@radioemfm.org.au

Adair Winder

Feel Good Tunes
Local journalist, Adair Winder joined the EMFM team in 2022 after previously having volunteered as a presenter at 3RRR and 3Syn FM in Melbourne. 

Adair's program "Feel Good Tunes" is on air every Tuesday from 6 pm – 8 pm and features music that is both new and old, in fact, the only criterion for songs played on this program is that every track must evoke a feeling of joy. With a range of interesting song facts scattered throughout the program and a tendency to play a diverse assortment of artists, this show is worth the listen if you're looking to broaden your music horizons. 
Adair Winder

Karen Martin

Kazz’s Keltic Kountry
Kazz has just joined EMFM after many years as a country entertainer, band manager and radio promotions manager. Living the dream raised in the country around Ballarat & Geelong she was one of a small group who started CountryFM radio station in Geelong, she has many friends in the country music scene having met some of the best over the years.
Kazz says music is just a way of life to her and her goal now is to promote country artists where possible.

Listen in to Kazz Keltic Kountry 2-3pm Thursdays.

Zach McGrath

Zach’s World 6pm Monday
More info Coming Soon

Arielle Dolan

Arielle's Jukebox Hour Friday 4 - 5pm
Originally from Yorkshire, England, my family moved to Woollongong when I was 1 year old. We moved to Echuca in 2017 and I’m currently studying VCE, year 12. I have a passion for music that makes you feel good.
EMFM cut

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