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The Sounds of the Mighty Murray Ranging from Rockabilly, Country to Pop, Metal to Jazz Top 40 to New Country There's music that suits you right here on Radio EMFM
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Radio EMFM 104.76 hours ago
This mornings Feel Good Breakfast program. If you like a song, click on the link below and listen to it again.
EMFM the sounds of the Paddle steamers ...well not at the moment ....
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Radio EMFM 104.71 day ago
We conducted our EMFM Board Meeting last Thursday via Hangouts Meet, set up by John Vincent. Modern technology worked well and we finished our meeting in record time. Photo courtesy of Paul Napier.
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Radio EMFM 104.74 days ago
Hi all you Rockabilly Networkers well been missing for aa couple weeks due to the Contra Virus but we back this week, program recorded at Rockabilly Network Studio’s on the program we have New Release’s, New Music, Outlaw Rockabilly with Viva Las Vegas being cancelled for this year, we will go back to Viva Las Vegas #19 from 2016 and spin some tracks from artist who played in that year. With all Rockabilly Festival and gigs cancelled. Join Rockabilly Rob and Friends with the Rockabillly Network Radio Program for your FIX.
On Friday program we have:- Ezra Lee – Ghostriders - Old Chevy - Pike Cavalero - Mel Peekboo - Waco Brothers - Eddie Clendening - The Number 9 Blacktops - Shaun Young & The 3 Ringers - Western Centuries - Dwight Yoakam - EL Mule - Old Johnny Crew - PI Jacobs - Steve Goldberger - Tim Menchu - Dale Watson - John Evans - Delmore Brothers - Bob Newman - Hank Penny - Red Foley - Bill Mack - Rose & The Maddox Brothers - Mack Stevens - Honeyboy Slim - Old Stuff Trio - Dynotones - The Starjays - Brian Dunning - The Solid Stompers - Jittery Jacks - Jackson Sloan - The Infernos - Lara Hope & The Ark Tones - Norman Fox & The Rob Roys - The Jets - Bailey Dee - Loot Rock Gang - TJ Mayes - Extraordinaires - Phat Cat Swinger - Crown City Bombers - Danny D Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis - Royal Hounds - Emmy Lou
Stay Safe Stay Home tune in to Rockabilly Network Radio Program at Radio EMFM Australia
Radio EMFM 104.7
Radio EMFM 104.74 days ago
The message is very clear to the Victorian community. There are only four reasons why you should leave home - to get essential goods and services, for care and other compassionate reasons, to work or study, or to exercise.

Outside of these reasons, people need to stay home. We are asking the community to use common sense to stop the spread of this deadly virus. These are unprecedented times.

People cannot participate in recreational activities like they normally would such as fishing or boating. They need to stay home if not for their own health, but for the health of their loved ones and the wider community.

If people do not follow the directions of the Chief Health Officer, Victoria Police can fine individuals $1652 on the spot. Of course our officers can use discretion, but the time for leniency is coming to an end and people need to get the message - if it’s not an essential activity, you need to stay home.
Radio EMFM 104.7
Radio EMFM 104.76 days ago
Radio EMFM Back on the LIVE AIRWAVES
My apologies for the confusion, it was better to check it all out,
than to be the first community radio station to get fined.
After lots of phone calls, we finally getting on to the right person at Business Victoria
It is OK for us to operate as a "Worker" (Volunteer) and operate the station.
Staying at 2 persons per business premises is required by EMFM.
Only one presenter at a time would be even better.

Directions from Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable
Disease) in accordance with emergency powers arising from
declared state of emergency Non-Essential Activity Directions (No
2) Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) Sections 190 and 200
Permitted operations
(3) Despite subclause (1),a person who owns, controls or operates an entertainment facility may operate that
facility for the purpose of allowing a recorded performance to occur at the facility.

4) For the purposes of subclause (3), a recorded performance is a performance at which: the (a)only persons in attendance at the facility are those necessary for the performance and the recording of that performance; and
(b) in any case, the number of persons in attendance at the facility does not
exceed 10 at any one time.
Radio EMFM 104.7
Radio EMFM 104.76 days ago
Back to a normal Wednesday tomorrow! Jimbo at 7am, "Just Sixties" at 9am!